It’s important to take pictures just for the fun of it. A few shots from yesterday evening at Salt Point Park and today riding down Moscow Road in Monte Rio:

Long shadow of bike and rider.

Feeling groovy today cruising down Moscow Road in Monte Rio.

Small sihouette figure of man fishing on jagged cliff with waves crashing below him.

Taken yesterday at Stump Beach in Salt Point Park.

saltpoint-2 saltpoint-3 saltpoint-5 saltpoint-6 saltpoint-7

Blending flash and available light

One of the biggest challenges when photographing a wedding is working with the light available during the limited time I have with a couple. Often it’s not possible to steal people away from the party or ceremony when the light is perfect just as the sun is setting, so I’ve learned to work with Nikon’s latest and greatest little flashes and my lightweight and very portable softboxes.

These two portraits were taken at the same place at different times. The first was shot immediately after the wedding ceremony when the sun was blazing hot and bright. I was able to photograph Kristin and Dave facing away from the sun. And in the second shot I made use of the richly saturated colors of the sky after the sun went down. Both were shot using only two remote flashes:

And these two were shot using a softbox with flashes, blending perfectly with the dusk light and moon.  It’s always my goal to make any use of flash invisible:

In Moscow, photographing over 1,200 kids at the Anglo-American School

I’m in Moscow photographing over 1,200 kids at the Anglo-American School. I have very little time (or energy) to pursue any personal work, but here are a few takes from some scenes from Moscow and St. Petersburg. I forgot how hard street photography is. Invasive, unpredictable, always changing. There are no “keepers” from this set of images, but I thought people might find them interesting:


A welder taking a cigarette break on Pushinskaya Street in St. Petersburg, Russia.

A young couple in downtown Moscow

Bicycling on the Fontanka River in St. Petersburg, Russia.


A young woman walking on Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg, Russia


View from Gostiny Dvor, St. Petersburg, Russia.


Hollie and Jordan’s Wedding at Leonard Lake

Hollie and Jordan had their  wedding at Leonard Lake Reserve, a privately owned property of 4000 acres with old growth redwood trees and the largest natural lake in Mendocino County. They and their guests both camped and stayed in one of the four cabins on the property for three days, much unlike many weddings where guests fly in, attend the wedding, and fly away the next day.